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Business Experts are predicting, this machine is the next big thing- Are you ready?

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Just Copy and Paste this business model – Trust me !! this is the truly lazy way to instantly boost your conversion rate and put more money in your pocket!

Why Business Automation?

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Make money on the go!

You tend to work day and night and even sacrifice your weekends, but still you can't generate enough money.And, trust me you never will if you follow the old school methods. Upgrade youre business system to make money even you drive.

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Plan your business for next six months!

With business on automation mode you can plan your business funnel for next six months and analyze the results to improve your core product and offer to increase customer retention.

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24*7 active so that you can rest

The advanced automated business model will work 24*7 for you thus enabling you the oppurtunity to attract,engage and turn your visitors into loyal customers even when you are in ameeting or asleep.It's 20202 let's work smart rather than old school business ways.

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Map Customer Journey!

With the advanced business automation method you can easily track the customer journey and guide them through the funnel process and build trust and relationship which in turn will generate more profits and sales.

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Increase Customer Purchase Value

The advanced funnel allows you with the golden oppurtunity to provide a series of offerings to your customers thus increasing the purchasing value of customer and in-turn making more profits from one single customer.

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Build your brand

Build your brand by being active in all platforms thus enabling better visibility and better trust building thus allowing you with the oppurtunity to built long-term business and build long-term sutomers.

"I was really suprised with the advanced lead generation and nurturing techniques.The bottom to end approach helped me to attract, engage and b uild a healthy relationship with my audience at minimal effort. Really appreciate the advanced funnel services by T.O.T. If you are a businessman, you should definitely have it.
Swastik Goswami
Co-Founder & C.E.O - Swazzy

Our Super Clients


"The best business automated funnel for generating leads and nurturing leads. Really, the advanced funnel generated almost 500+ leads in just 5 days which in turn provided us a great R.O.A.S. I would definitely recommend their services."

Shymashree Bhattacharjee [Co-Founder & C.E.O - Sparrow D' Tur]

I am extremely pleased with their services.Trust me, they provide excellent value at a very affordable cost. Seriously, their lead generation and lead nurturing process is super advanced which brings a lot of revenue at a very cheap cost.I highly recommend their funnel service because it runs totally on automation providing you stress-free nights. Kudos to top Top On Trends !!

Pravin Singh- [Co-Founder & C.E.O] -
I-30 Learning Center & Career Power Kolkata


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